Through visual storytelling the Sinking Cities Project aims to explore the narratives of residents in urban areas around the world as they experience and adapt to climate change.


Jakarta's Normalization

In 2016, flooding cost Jakarta, Indonesia $3.2 Billion. Now the city is embarking on numerous projects to mitigate the flooding. One of the largest if a process known as 'normalization.' It's a very expensive project but experts are unsure if it will stop Jakarta's flooding.

Korail's Chronic Flooding

“There comes a threshold of chronic flooding that makes normal routines impossible and forces communities to make difficult, often costly choices.”

The Union of Concerned Scientists recently released a report “When Rising Seas Hit Home,” focused on the effects of rising sea levels on US coastal communities. With an ‘intermediate’ sea level rise of 4 feet, by 2100 40% of all ocean front communities on the East and Gulf Coasts will face chronic inundation. While these effects are slowly being felt in the US, they are already acutely experienced in countries like Bangladesh.